The REMwell Foundation 

For Traumatic Violation Prevention & Traumatic Impact Survivor Restoration
"Growing Beyond Trauma One HeArt At A Time"


The Following Activities, Events and Programs
Are Currently Funded By The REMwell Foundation

In person services currently limited to New Castle County, DE and The Coastal Empire, GA
Social Service Enhancement Services and Mental Wellness Enrichment Zoom Options Now Available

REMwell Foundation Staff and Volunteers are Mandated Reporters.

WHO do we support?

  • Public Safety, First Responders and Public Service Personnel 
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Agencies serving displaced youth and adults who were formally displaced youth
  • Shelters/Safe Houses

  • Fostered or Adopted Youth
  • Foster or Adoptive Parents
  • Group Homes
  • Groups Seeking to host events that benefit displaced Youth and adults who were formerly displaced youth

WHY do we lend our support?

"The REMwell Foundation is a growing national fund founded in 2007 as a well of empowerment and innovation used to assist in the creative enhancement of programs, events and services developed by groups, agencies and non-profit organizations in the mental health and social services sector.  Our outreach is available to those who seek to enhance the scope of their creative approach towards meeting the transitional needs of the Traumatic Impact Survivor.

In addition, our inhouse programs, events and services are designed to assist qualified persons, groups, organizations and agencies with developing a creative approach towards addressing the challenges of growing beyond traumatic impact.  Our programs and services form a bridge of support through the process of restoration and mental wellness using the combined applications of art, literacy and horticulture.  

We support the creative development needs of social service providers while motivating individuals within the community to pursuit their dreams despite their disabilities.  In doing so, we satisfy the HeArt of our mission of Recycling Wellness, positively impacting the socio-economic welfare of the communities which we serve." ~Founder of The REMwell Foundation

we contribute 

We contribute a well of support to Homeless, Foster, Adoptive and Agency Care Providers.  If you are a displaced student, guardian, group, organization or agency, we offer customizable programs, services and workshops to empower your base and enrich their life experience with a creative approach to growing beyond trauma.   Our overall emphasis is on Suicide Prevention, Mental Wellness Development and impact management (creative coping) for those with or servicing persons with Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury.  

Whether you serve the community or are being served by members of your community, we are here to contribute our support.  Care Providers, as advocates of healthy lifestyle transitioning, we desire to help you reach "Dream Achievement"  by empowering your goals and plans.  This helps us help you help those we both serve to reach their greatest potential.  And that is how we 'Recycle Wellness'.  As a bridge of support in the community, The REMwell Foundation proudly makes the following resources available for free to: 


  1. Groups, agencies and organizations who service the displaced and traumatized members of the community 
  2. Guardians of displaced/foster/adoptive youth 
  3. Adults who were formerly displaced youth, adult survivors of Traumatic Violations or Traumatic Impact resulting in Mental Health distress

  • 1. Groups, Agencies & Organizations
  • (some *** programs and services suspended due to COVID)

Enhancement Programs & Services

  • "REM BIG!" Limited upstart website setup, design and building support (DE/GA)
  • "Pack It Up!" Marketing and promotional material development (DE/GA)
  • "BrandAid!" Upstart Brand Development (DE/GA)
  • ***Volunteer Empowerment "Re-Boot Camp" (Three 30 minute motivational sessions or one hour sessions with group activities to boost the moral and reignite inspiration for all volunteer team members.)  Zoom to Room Capabilities during COVID (DE/GA)
  • "P.U.M.P" Sessions: Power Up My Plan! 3 Event Planning and Brain Storming sessions. Zoom to Room Capabilities during COVID (DE/GA) 
  • "Zoom IN and P.U.M.P" a Monthly Zoom B2B Network of Professionals Sharing Ideas and Reaching Goals. (DE/GA)
  • "Shutter Me This!" Photography Sessions for promotional use (limited editing services included) (GA)
  • "Promo Me That" Limited Graphic Design Assistance for promotional use (DE/GA)
  • What's The FUNding?   A one hour Fundraising Idea Development Session and A one hour follow-up session (DE/GA) 
  • "Dream Achievement Pro" Coaching & Empowerment Sessions  drive your dreams forward. Frequency based on Needs Assess. (DE/GA)
  • "Two Good Heads" is a Zoom Project Development Consultation.  A confidential "third party opinion" and "outside point of view" that asks and answers questions which can help you better meet the needs of your base/audience or project goals. (DE/GA)

Enrichment Programs & Services

  • "Hero of the Day Boost Bags" from the Big Bus of HeArts:  Honoring public service heroes by distributing surprise care packages to Public Safety, First Responders and Public Service Personnel.  These bags contain edible treats, beverages and messages to boost their moral, spread encouragement, motivation and inspiration throughout the community. (GA)
  • "HeArt of Mind" A Weekly peer to peer Brain Injury Support Group on Zoom using creative arts and activities as an additional tool for distress and impact relief management. (DE/GA)
  • ***Use of Small Pop-up Event Kit (Tents, tables, seating) Refundable Deposit Required. (GA)
  • Links to additional resources and services that would enhance your network of support. (DE/GA)
  • ***Access to Bi-Annual "Pop-up N' Shop" Non-Profits with youth services have access to our Mobile Mall where Kids shop free using their Monthly Craftivity Rewards to make purchases. (GA)
  • ***Access to "The Craftivity Book Club for Healing HeArts" A Mobile Pop-up Craftivity Party, that's right non-profits with youth services... we bring the Craftivities to You! Must be booked 2weeks in advance. (GA)
  • Free Access to "The Healing HeArts Garden Club" Zoom to Room Capabilities during COVID (DE/GA)

If you are a group, Agency or Organization seeking our services please contact below:

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2.  Guardians of Displaced, Foster and Adoptive Youth
(some *** programs and service suspended due to COVID)

Enhancement Programs & Services

  • ***Mobile "Dream Achievement" Youth Camp with The Coloring A Dream Project 
  • "The Red Line" 15 min. call to decompress, stress down and create an exit strategy for the moment that will co-create a constructive result.

Enrichment Programs & Services

  • "1st Point", Making Connections to Emergency Resources for those who are newly displaced and or without support. 
  • ***Free Enrollment to "The L.I.G.H.T of The Coastal Empire", all Healing HeArts Students must enroll via referral from Group Home, Shelter, Agency or other authorized care provider.
  • ***Access to Bi-Annual "Pop-up N' Shop Mobile Mall" youth can shop using Monthly Craftivity Rewards ("VitCoin") to make purchases.
  • ***Free access to  "The Craftivitiy Book Kits" for Healing HeArts and our downloadable "Print and Punch Pages".  
  • Free access to "The Craftivity Book Club for Healing HeArts" which includes: 
  1. Downloadable "Print and Punch Pages" (additional activity pages) 
  2. 1 hour weekly "Zoom Zone Craftivity Club" "Creating Together".  
  3. Free online "Craftivity Book Club for Healing HeArts"  Account that keeps track of earned VitCoin (club dollars)
  4. Completed "Craftivities", "Explore~Tours" and "Zoom Zones" yield VitCoin redeemable at any Pop-up N' Shop events or free Pop-up Craftivity Supplies Cart.  Stay tuned for pop-up locations.
  • ***Free Access to the future site of "The L.I.G.H.T of The Coastal Empire", Home of Captain Moss & Boomer the Miracle Monkey
  • Free Access to "The Healing HeArts Garden Club", includes one Garden Kit complete with plant and ongoing "Creative Roots" Workshops

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3. Adults who were formerly displaced youth,
adult survivors of Traumatic Violations or Traumatic Impact
(some *** programs and service suspended due to COVID)

Dreaming beyond COVID
We Won't Let COVID Kill Our Dreams And Neither Should You!

Gone Mobile with
The Big Bus of HeArts
Visit our Coloring A Dream Page:

Inhouse Projects Funded and Developed by The REMwell Foundation

  The Big Bus
Of HeArts

1 Millions HeArts Unite
to Grow Beyond Trauma
A Mobile Glow
In The Dark

Art Awareness Project


The L.I.G.H.T of The Coastal Empire
(Living Institute for Guidance, Hope & Transformation)
A School of Healing HeArts

An Open Air Therapeutic Arts Enrichment Program for persons growing beyond trauma, especially displaced youth or youth and adults who were formerly displaced.  The L.I.G.H.T also offers creative development services to groups, organizations and agencies that aid this sector of our community with life enrichment events, activities or education. 

We lend ongoing Bridge Support for Homeless, Foster, Adoptive Care and Agency Providers.  If you are a displaced student, guardian, group, organization or agency, we offer customizable skills development and empowerment workshops for you or your base to experience a creative approach to growing beyond trauma.   Our emphasis is on Suicide Prevention, Mental Wellness Development and impact management (creative coping) for Acquired/Traumatic Brain Injury

Now Available: Adopt an "In Loving Memory" Plot 

"Planting Roots Of Transformation In Gardens Of Restoration."

If you have a spot in your front yard or community area, we have a plot ready to plant that will honor the life of a traumatic impact survivor or of someone who did not survive the circumstances of traumatic impact.   All plots are honorably planted by compassionate survivors, friends and loved ones internationally.  To Adopt a Plot, click here.


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The Future Site of 
The L.I.G.H.T of The Coastal Empire 
will include all mobile programs and services plus:
  • Therapeutic Craftivity Zones 
  • Weekly Popup N' Shop for boys and girls 
  • Garden Angel Nursery 
  • Healing HeArts Chapel 
  • The Historic Walk of Love Museum
  • W.O.L Memorial Gardens
  • Healing HeArts Nursery & Garden Club
  • The Adventures of Moss Land Glow Garden, home of Captain Moss & Boomer The Miracle Monkey.

While the image to the left is not from the Memorial Gardens, it is a vision of what we aim to achieve.

Garden Memorials & Intercessory Gardens 

Lists of Plant Selection Options Populating the site soon.

Target Location for Museum & Memorial Gardens:  The Greater Savannah Georgia Area.

About the Walk of Love Museum

Our long range goal is to build a lighthouse structure like the one seen here to the left.  As you enter the building, you will walk into the museum which will house the history of The 250 Mile Walk of Love, first achieved in 2008 when our founder pushed Goldy, the 850 pound loaded wagon, from Savannah Georgia to Atlanta Georgia.  Photos, videos and memorabilia will be preserved there for purposes of ongoing awareness and education.  

In keeping with the original purpose of the Walk of Love, the museum and gardens will continue honoring the lives cut short at the hand of traumatic violation and encourage survivors to get on the road to restoration and maintain their process through lifestyle transformation. 

The lighthouse plans to include a visitor gift shop selling replica items and teas from herbs and edible flowers harvested from the gardens.  This will help ensure the perpetual growth and maintenance of the compound. It will also include an eco-friendly restroom area, second floor office and third floor staff observation point. 

About Goldy

Purchased in 2003, the 400 pound wagon Kiosk (weight unloaded, 825 pounds loaded) was intended to sell snack goods at community sports fields.  Seeking a fresh start to life, Ms. REMilano sold most of her belongings in 2007 and moved to Savannah Georgia with her five young children.  

Having been a child of homelessness, foster care and finally adopted at age 11, her adult life was rocky to say the least.  A struggling single mother and complex Traumatic Violation Survivor, she remained dedicated to working through her personal restoration process.  Despite having little to no resources and mental health challenges, she was convicted in her mission.  She believed having Acquired Brain Injury didn't mean she was without value or worth and that she could be useful to the Traumatic Violation and Traumatic Impact Survivor Community.  So she worked as an independent foster care and adoption advocate, a survivor mentor and later developed creative life enrichment programs for displaced youth and formally displaced adults.  She found herself hosting yearly events to help bring greater awareness to the need for sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood maltreatment prevention and increased resources for T.B.I, A.B.I and Mental Health Services. Unofficially, she launched a trench organization and began campaigning. 

"Bird in hand... What do I have, what can I do to make a big enough impact?", remembering her wagon in the shed she proclaimed, "I got it!  I'll push that wagon from Savannah to Atlanta!".  Against counsel from family, friends and team members, she had made up her mind to push it 250 miles. 

Following the event, it took REM 3 years to walk without the aid of a cane.  Over the past 10 years she officially launched her organization, The REMwell Foundation, and has held multiple events and campaigns to further the cause.  Despite having developed Fibromyalgia, living with CPTSD, ABI, DID and operating on a shoe string budget, she has remained dedicated to her initial plan to build a memorial and creative restoration center, set forth in 2007.   

She states, "People who survive one type of Traumatic Impact or Violation are often survivors of multiple types of trauma.  Every type of Traumatic Violation creates countless trails of devastation, complete with land mines riddled throughout the mind, body and soul of a survivor.  We call this CPTSD, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  It is hard for many to understand how anyone in this condition can prosper but it is how we must grow forward in life, in as is condition until the conditions change.  Like my sister, some victims do not survive beyond the circumstances of Traumatic Violations.  Some of us however, will get on the road that journeys through restoration and experience degrees of healing.  But, some will be so permanently altered that they will only able to manage, to deal.   Still... we have use, we dream, we have the ability to apply some degree of greatness in life.  

The best way to intervene on behalf of a survivor is to prevent the risk of further traumatic impact.  We need not turn a blind eye to the power of intervention through prevention.  We can achieve this if we all are willing to cultivate and nurture a Stigma Free Society beginning with mental health education reform and the development of a Cause Conscious Culture.  

Therefore, I dream of a place where the living and the departed are honored and memorialized in a transformative way.  A place where gains are planted to replace the pains.  Where voices are unlocked, shame unshackled and life is growing beyond death.  A space where all who visit virtually and physically can be inspired by a beautiful garden of transformation sown by the hands of restoration.  A place where we can walk in the spirit of untainted love, immeasurable resilience, relentless perseverance and brave hearted endurance ... even in the face of Traumatic Violations."

read more... 

The Historic Walk of Love 2008
In loving Memory of Heather and all lives cut short due to the impact of traumatic violations.  
To honor thriving survivors and encourage struggling survivors
to get on the road through restoration.

Walk of Love Memorabilia Preservation Museum
Preserving the artifacts on and within Goldy, to mention a few; the Golden Book with signed notes by supporters along the 250 mile push for awareness, the shoes used on the journey, safety gear, night gear, personal care items, child advocacy items, video footage, photos, press materials, written reflections of the journey and articles from the actual event, as well as the mile marker flags from every county and major community pushed from Savannah-Atlanta.