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For Traumatic Violation Prevention & Traumatic Impact Survivor Restoration
"Growing Beyond Trauma One HeArt At A Time"

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All Programs and Services are First Come First Serve. 
Our Programs & Services for The Social Service Sector
Help Offset Small and Mid Budget Projects  
Schedule a Free & Confidential
Program/Service Needs Assessment (PNA)
2 Weeks In Advance of Your Project Needs.

Enhancement Programs & Services


Limited upstart Website setup, design and building support (DE/GA)

  • "Pack It Up!" 

Marketing and promotional material development (DE/GA)

If you are in need of business cards, pamphlets, event ads or other promotional graphic design support, we can offer free design assistance.  We help design your print project then give you the file so that you can then take it to print.   We can also connect you to affordable printing services that best fit your specific project.

  • "BrandAid!" 

Upstart Brand Development (DE/GA)

Are you an upstart group, agency, organization or are you planning an event to benefit the social services sector of our community?  Are you in need of ideas on brand concepts and how they can be better used to attract a broader audience in the market you serve?  We can assist with brand development or helping you manifest the brand ideas you already have.  

It's free, can't hurt to try something different.

"Re-Boot Camp"

*** Volunteer Empowerment (GA)

Three 30 minute motivational sessions or one hour sessions with group activities to boost the moral and reignite inspiration for all volunteer team members. 

"P.U.M.P" Sessions

Power Up My Plan! Zoom to Room Capabilities during COVID (DE/GA) 

Are you thinking on fumes?  Are you having a creative road block?  Need to enhance your ideas or to bounce your ideas off a few others who can offer a fresh perspective or alternative approach?  Power Up your project or event plan with 3 Planning and Brain Storming sessions.   

"Zoom IN and P.U.M.P"

Monthly Zoom B2B Network of Professionals  (DE/GA)

Step out of your own head!  Sometimes all that's missing is that one connection to another great mind like your own.  Great connections can often make the difference between a successful project or event and one that just remains a "good idea".  

Here at REMwell Foundation we want to assist in making YOUR dreams come true and that starts with getting you connected to greatness!  "Zoom IN and P.U.M.P" can do just that by sharing ideas and reaching goals together. 

"Shutter Me This!"

Photography Sessions for promotional use (limited editing services included) (GA)

Raise the bar on your project attractiveness with Shutter Me This!  Do you need indoor or out door photos for promotional use?  We are happy to assist you in enriching your appearance and making you more inviting to your base.  Need website images?  Need Product images?  Need Staff Profile pictures or event photos to generate social media content and show the world what a great job you are doing?  Book a shoot with our "Shutter Me This" Program Needs Assessment(PNA) to see if this program is a fit for you.   

"Promo Me That"

Limited Graphic Design Assistance for promotional use (DE/GA)

Already have a great brand but just need some directional assistance for creative promotional ideas to get that brand in front of your base?  "Promo Me This" can help you decide how to creatively position your brand in the eyes of the beholder.  Book a "Promo Me This" program assessment to see if this program is a fit for you.

What's The FUNding?

Fundraising Idea Development Session (DE/GA)

Do you want to host a fundraiser to benefit the social service sector of the community?  Have a rough idea of what you'd like to do or no idea at all?  Try our "What's The FUNding" program,  a one hour Fundraising Idea Development Session and a one hour follow-up session to assist you with goal projection, time budgeting and brand concepts.  

Be prepared to soak up the ideas and grow your dreams with this awesome program.  Book a "What's The FUNding" program assessment to see if this program is the best fit for you. 

"Dream Achievement Pro"

Coaching & Empowerment Sessions (DE/GA)

Every plan, event, business and endeavor starts with a dream... day or night.  Here at REMwell Foundation we make ourselves available to your project or plan day or night to assist in driving your dreams forward.  "Dream Achievement Pro" is a program that keeps you connected to our creative resources during the life of your project or event.  "We are here for you from Concept to Creation"~REMilano

Our text to start option opens the doors to anytime 15 minute brain storming sessions to assist you through stressful speed bumps in your plan.   Frequency of access based on your initial "Program Needs Assessment" (PNA).  Book your PNA to see if this program is the right fit for you. 

"Two Good Heads"

Zoom Project Development Consultation  (DE/GA)

Ever just wish you had someone or two people you could bounce your ideas off of?  Well if you're in the social services sector or working to benefit the social services sector of the community, now you can and best of all... for free!  

REMwell Foundation offers a confidential "third party opinion", an "outside point of view", that can ask and answer those nagging questions which are presenting road blocks to your forward movement.   Let us assist you in better meeting the needs of your project goals and base.  Book your PNA to see if this program is the right fit for you.

Enrichment Programs & Services

"Hero of the Day Boost Bags"

From the Big Bus of HeArts  (GA)

Honoring public service heroes by distributing surprise care packages to Public Safety, First Responders and Public Service Personnel.  These bags contain edible treats, beverages and messages to boost their moral, spread encouragement, motivation and inspiration throughout the community. 

"HeArt of Mind"

***A Weekly peer to peer Brain Injury Support Group on Zoom  (DE/GA)

Come have some Friday Night Fun with our HeArt of Mind Brain Injury Support Group.  Share your progress and Brain Injury Story.  Meetings are open to all persons with Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury or those who work for and within the Brain Injury Community.  We focus on the use of creative arts and activities as an additional tool for distress and impact relief management.  Request a link in the submission form below.

DELAWARE:  Second Fridays at 7pm
GEORGIA: First Fridays at 7pm 

***Use of Small Pop-up
Event Kit 

(Tents, Tables, Seating) Refundable Deposit Required. (GA)

Ever want to hold a small event to benefit the social service sector but just didn't have the resources to invest in tables, tents and seating, which take away from the funds you want to raise?  Well here at REMwell Foundation, we don't want the frame work to stop you from achieving your dreams of doing a good deed.  

So you are welcome to use our Small Pop-up Event Kit.  You can check it out for a period of 24, 48 or 72 hours.  It must be checked back in and in good condition within that period of time to receive a full refund on your deposit.  Don't let the little things hold you back.  Contact us below to reserve your dates.      

  • Linkx 

Links to additional resources and services that would enhance your network of support. (DE/GA)

Do you sometimes feel like "a needle in a haystack" even with the internet at your finger tips?  Do you ever want to do a good deed for the social service sector but just don't know where to begin, who to ask or where to find a good lead?  

Here at REMwell Foundation we don't want these mental road blocks to prevent you from pursuing your "do good dream".  With Linkx, we can act as a GPS for you.  Let our fingers do the finding and in 72 hours we'll follow up with you and let you know what we discovered that could put you on the right track. 

***Access to Bi-Annual
"Pop-up N' Shop"


Non-Profits with youth services have access to our Mobile Mall where Kids shop free using their Monthly Craftivity Rewards to make purchases.

"The Craftivity Book Club for Healing HeArts"


***Access to A Mobile Pop-up Craftivity Party, that's right non-profits with youth services... we bring the Craftivities to You! Must be booked 2weeks in advance.

"The Healing HeArts
Garden Club"

Zoom to Room Capabilities during COVID (DE/GA)

Free access to The Healing HeArts Garden Club, a therapeutic gardening experience for those processing trauma.   
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